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Ideal School For An Ideal Education Composing 121 16 November 2000 The Perfect School For An Ideal Education My concept of a perfect secondary school is one that understudies are glad for, simultaneously get decent training. To accomplish this a school would need to have great educators, qualified in the field in which they instruct. Class sizes would need to be decreased to around twenty-five understudies, along these lines instructors could be progressively close to home with their understudies. Educators would approach any materials or assets expected to carry out their responsibility. To wrap things up, the school would need to be engaging the understudies and offer a wonderful domain. In secondary school I had a Government instructor named Mr. Bjorkman. He was additionally the mentor for our varsity football crew. You could tell he didn't have the foggiest idea what he was instructing and was increasingly centered around football. I didn't take in a solitary thing from his group. This is the reason a school would need to have qualified educators in their study halls. Understudies have distinctive learning styles. Some are visual while others are auditorial, now and again understudies may have a learning issue. I have ADHD, which is a learning issue. Before I got treatment I made some hard memories focusing and it additionally made me misbehave once in a while. My instructors thought I was a troublemaker so they generally showed me out of class. I wasn't allowed the chance to learn as much as different understudies at my school. Not on the grounds that I was a terrible understudy, but since not one educator set aside the effort to help out. This is the reason I acc ept an instructor should have the option to recognize the two learning styles and clutters, so the entirety of their understudies get training. At my school there were days I sat on the floor in light of the fact that a study hall was missing work areas. On occasion we couldn't find a TV and VCR to watch instructive shows. You can't fix a vehicle without having the correct apparatuses. The equivalent goes for instructing. With the goal for understudies to arrive at their maximum capacity you can't deny instructors the materials expected to carry out their responsibility appropriately. This is the reason a school needs to give its instructors whatever they need. I accept class sizes are an issue with all schools. Huge class sizes make it hard for instructors to become more acquainted with their understudies. It additionally makes it difficult to get everybody engaged with the class. At the point when understudies aren't included they get exhausted. At the point when they get exhausted they would prefer not to be there so they play hooky. A school would need to have an adequate measure of study halls and instructors. This would make it conceivable to carry the understudy to instructor proportion down to around twenty-five understudies for every educator. With littler classes it would be simpler for the instructors to get everybody included. It would likewise allow the instructors to become more acquainted with their understudies and ensure their staying aware of the remainder of the class. On the off chance that educators knew their understudies it may urge the children to go to class in light of the fact that the instructor would see in the event that they weren't in class. I figure a school ought to be spotless and have check offer. Nobody needs to go to a messy summary school. I trust it is imperative to place some idea into the hues picked for the inside of structures. Various blends of hues emit various vibes. I would pick a shading plan that emitted a decent vibe. All aspects of the school would be covered on the grounds that it looks more pleasant than vinyl floors as I would like to think. The school would have heaps of windows and bay windows in the study halls. I would do this to get the daylight since it gives you vitality and satisfies individuals. The temperature would be fixed just with the goal that all the understudies were agreeable. Sofas would be set up everywhere throughout the grounds so understudies have a spot to hang out during breaks. The exact opposite thing done is ensure pleasant grass and large trees encompassed the school. This would be done in light of the fact that individuals feel progressively invigorated when green trees and grass encompass them. By

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History Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 18

History - Essay Example Be that as it may, simultaneously a portion of the history specialists censure this recommendation and partner the change of the tide with 1944 as Germans weren’t driven away until this time. In any case, the most suitable and reasonable methodology recommends that it return in 1942 that the war proceeded and triumph was guaranteed as the primary triumph occurred right now. To comprehend the suggestion in whole, the move in procedures should be comprehended. Therefore, it would be sensible enough to talk about a little foundation of the tasks. In 1941 when Germany assaulted Soviet Union under the name of activity Barbarossa, Soviet Union was totally ill-equipped (Wienberg 1994). Accordingly, when the domains were assaulted by the military a high achievement was accomplished by the Germans directly in the first place. This influenced the ethics of the Red Army as they were predominant quantitatively, yet their activity was as yet constrained to taking protective activities which were insufficient first and foremost. Be that as it may, the ethics were recovered in the winter assaults by the Red Army counter-assaults attempted which end up being of restricted impact. In 1942, Red Army exploited the disorderly status of the German Army and propelled a hostile assault. Despite the fact that substantial targets weren’t came to however Operation Barbarossa propelled by Germans neglected to a huge degree. This was unquestionably a defining moment, as the Red Army was currently mindful of the way that they will in the long run have the option to crush the German Army as it was losing control and order. Hitler had no particular target as a main priority, and he had propelled assaults on different fronts. This necessary long haul arranging with a limited center, which was some way or another lacking along these lines escape clauses were left which end up being advantageous for the Soviets. In spite of consistent endeavors, the Soviet armed force wasn’t ready to overcome either Moscow or Leningrad so far as that is concerned. To produce an

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Essay Topics - How to Find Examples to Use in Your Essay

Essay Topics - How to Find Examples to Use in Your EssayIn order to write an exemplification essay, it is vital that you have the right tools to go along with it. Essay topics need not be complex in nature as long as they can be explained in a way that would help the reader understand what is being discussed. The examples you are using should also reflect these goals. By doing this, you are making sure that you will come up with an essay that will be useful for your students.There are plenty of resources that you can utilize in order to gather examples for your examples sentences. These include magazines, newspapers, and even books. The key is that you know which source you should turn to if you need examples that are more specific to your essay topic.One thing that you can do to start gathering these examples is to take a look at different aspects of daily life. After all, you are going to need examples for each of the four areas in your essay: abstract, concrete, personal, and soci al. After you've done this, it is time to start thinking about what you want to accomplish with these examples.How will you make sure that the examples you use are the best examples that you can provide? Some examples may seem like they may not be good enough and this is something that you can address by finding examples that contain different levels of details. You want to make sure that the more details that you provide, the better examples you are going to be able to come up with.Another thing that you can do to ensure that the examples you use are of the highest quality is to make sure that you work out exactly how long the examples should be. If you are using just one short example sentence, then you are not providing enough information. What is important is that you work out the details before you go to the selection process. When you do this, you are ensuring that you will come up with the best examples that you can possibly come up with.An important thing to keep in mind whe n you are taking these examples into consideration is the type of reader that you are writing for. For example, if you are writing an exemplification essay for a class, then you should take your examples from something that can be found in the world. This could be the television, newspapers, or even the internet. However, if you are writing for another audience, then you should always try to find examples that can be found from within the class.When it comes to selecting examples for your essay, you should first start by writing down the words that describe the various categories that you are going to use. After you have written them down, then you should break them down into smaller chunks. It might be better to write down your thought processes and thoughts about the different things that you came up with. After you have put these pieces of information down, then you should see which ones of them have a close relationship to the topic that you are writing about.One of the key aspe cts to be mindful of when you are working on essay topics is to determine how the various examples relate to the type of topic that you are covering. By doing this, you are ensuring that you will come up with excellent examples that can be used by your students. By taking your time to think about the types of examples that can be used, you are sure to come up with the best ones that you can come up with.

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About The Things They Carried - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 2 Words: 651 Downloads: 10 Date added: 2019/04/11 Category Literature Essay Level High school Tags: The Things They Carried Essay Did you like this example? In the short story The things they carried, the soldiers each had their own unique items that they carried doing the dangerous war. The items that the soldiers carried had a special meaning behind them whether it came from their family background, personality, or their very own personal item. Kiowa is a Native America soldier that came from a religious family. Kiowa has some Christian beliefs so he carries his illustrated New Testament Bible he also carries his grandmother distrust of the white man and his grandfather old hunting hatched. Kiowa is committed to his Christian beliefs so he takes his illustrated New Testament with him along the way to the war. Kiowa grew up in a family where his father taught Sunday school. His family believe in the value of Christian morals. Kiowa received the illustrated New Testament when he was very young because only children get those types of Bible and the adults get the Holy Bible. On this Operation the soldiers carried specific items, but while Kiowa is different he carries his Bible to give him a confident boost and also guidance while he is on this treacherous journey because in the story it says Kiowa always took along his New Testament and a pair of moccasins for silence (OBrien 9). Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "About The Things They Carried" essay for you Create order He took his illustrated New Testament along with him because if he ever has tough times doing the war and he do not have anyone to talk to he can reflect back to his Bible to give him comfort. The Bible help Kiowa deal with difficult situation he encounters doing the war in the story It says As a hedge against bad times (OBrien 3). After Kiowa witness the death of his partner getting gun down in front of him Kiowa was speechless he said You had to be there how fast it was, how the poor guy just dropped like so much concrete. Boom-down, he said. Like cement (OBrien 7). Kiowa never seen such a thing to occur so it was kind of appalling to him because he never seen someone get slaughtered so rapid before. Ted Lavenders death leaves Kiowa dazed and he believes that It seemed unchristian like to not have any sentiments and its strange he does not have any grief like Lieutenant Jimmy Cross he wanted to feel what Lieutenant Jimmy Cross felt at that time (OBrien 18). After seeing that tragic event Kiowa turn to his Bible to give him security and enlightenment. Kiowa also carries his grandmothers distrust of the white man (OBrien 3). It means that they do not trust white people because of how the white people treat them like they are not human. The finally precious component that Kiowa carries is his grandfathers feathered hatchet (OBrien 7). You can tell that Kiowa was very close to his grandfather because his grandfather gave him his old hunting hatchet. The hatchet is old so you that it could have been made passed to his father first and when Kiowa got older it was passed to him as a superior significance in their family. Kiowa grandfather possibly use to be a noble hunter and he use to teach his grandson Kiowa how to hunt as well he probably told Kiowa one day he is going to inherited the hunting hatchet. Since Kiowa is in the war he carry the old hunting hatcher for protection from the enemies. In conclusion, Kiowa carried a lot of sentimental items that showed true meaning and usage. Over the long perilous mission, he faced some tough situation and even had an eye-opener. Kiowa experience death of his partner even though he was lost of words he wanted to know how to express his emotion the Christian way like Lieutenant Jimmy Cross. This was his first time ever seeing a tragic that happen so quick, but he also had his illustrated New Testament to protect him through the rest of the war.

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Political Communication in Oliver Stone’s Platoon and JFK...

Introduction: Political communication—communication with a political purpose about human interaction—takes many different forms including novels, poetry, music, television, and film, which all have their distinct advantages and disadvantages in communicating with the public. Although some political communication intends to enact or drive social changes, some political communication seeks to maintain the status quo. The film medium, which is the subject of this paper, has a much broader mass appeal than other medias and often changes the viewer’s original beliefs and perceptions when he or she experiences over an hour straight of visual indoctrination of only one view. Over the course of the semester, we have learned about the†¦show more content†¦While Platoon specifically focused on changing people’s perceptions about the Vietnam War, JFK in particular encouraged more openness from the government. Platoon Background behind the Movie: In Platoon, Oliver Stone presents an adventuresome and introspective, hell-bent and morally inclined† combat war film whose tone â€Å"seemed to deglamorize war, while the charged action and intense conflicts undeniably provided steamrolling entertainment† (Beaver 88). While many other Vietnam War movies exist, Platoon is a special breed that operates on two levels: the realistic and spiritual. Stone drew his inspiration for this film from his own extensive military service in the Vietnam War. In 15 months of military service from September 1967 to November 1968, he served in four different units and suffered two combat wounds (Beaver 83). He also met many interesting soldiers that would later become his assortment of characters in Platoon. Written in 1976, Platoon received little interest and did not become a reality until 1986, a year after Stone made the successful film Salvador. Platoon was a new type of movie and garnered much publi c anticipation and interest because Stone, the first Vietnam film written and directed by a Vietnam veteran, showed a more realistic version of the

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How Does Media Influence Modern Society - 1531 Words

How does the mass media influence modern society? A definition for what we call mass media is â€Å"The means of communication that reach large numbers of people in a short time, such as television, newspapers, magazines and radio†. Media is something that is all around us, its something that’s becoming unavoidable. Without noticing the things are more and more influencing the public in today’s society they read, see or hear. The media is finding ways to get in peoples minds and influence the way they live. It’s getting harder for people to keep their private lives separate from anything else. In today’s modern society, the human population is completely depending on the media for information and to communicate with others. People trust the media for news, entertainment and even education. People will look, read and listen to things through the media, and a large amount of the population believe that the media is independent and impartial. Todays society is so dependent on the media to do their normal daily routines, like work, travelling, education, and even for there own personal relationships. The media is growing rapidly and influencing more and more people daily, within the last 50 years the media has advanced to the telegraph, and then it was the radio, then newspapers and magazines, television and now the Internet. Some people may consider the Internet being the worst form of mass media. What we need to remember is that most of our decisions and beliefs are basedShow MoreRelatedWhy Is Medium Is The Massage Essay1528 Words   |  7 Pages‘Medium is th e massage’ that the most widespread modern media influence how humans think, act and perceive the world around them. He states that the medium significantly influences the message that people will receive, and thus, the same message is perceived by the same individual in several ways if he receives them in a different way. The expression the medium is the message means that recipient receives messages in different ways depending on how they are presented to him. The message of any mediumRead More Media and Society Essay519 Words   |  3 Pages Media and Society Does society influence media or does media influence society? In a modern world, dependent on continuous communication this is a very important question. If the world were not dependent on communication over large distances, schooling on a mass basis would not be possible or necessary. Most knowledge in traditional cultures was local knowledge, (Geertz 1983) traditions that were passed on through a local community, a very slow and long drawn outRead MoreAcceptance Of Gay Rights And Gender Roles1063 Words   |  5 PagesAcceptance is the key to a successful society. Acceptance of gay rights and gender roles are constantly changing. Over time new problems are introduced to the world and new solutions will be developed to solve the problem. The solution, to the problem, will be given through the media. Media is classified as books, newspapers, radio, television, and the Internet. Authors of different media devices try to send a message to society through media. The way individuals interpret the information is basedRead MoreLearning Reflection And Impact Of Literature1585 Words   |  7 Pageshuman existence and one’s relations with his fellow human beings. Perhaps this pervasive influence of literature on human consciousness accounts for the widespread impact that works of literature have had on influencing culture, such as Star Wars and other works of literature and f ilm that continue to influence the direction of human consciousness, for better or for worse. Through considering personal influences drama, poetry and short stories have had, the paper hopes to show that literature is anRead MoreReality and the Movie The Truman Show Essay example1038 Words   |  5 Pagesstatement- We accept the reality of the world which we are presented? Secondly, what messages is the director trying to give us about modern society? Last of all, explain the part which the media plays in this and power and control it has over individuals? In this essay, I will discuss human nature, our controlling society and how they hide the truth, and the influence of media on us. Whether we accept the reality of the world which we are shown it is debatable. It is human nature to question; we haveRead MoreChanging Environment Of Women s Rights And The Paradox Of Sexual Freedom1458 Words   |  6 PagesAlthough the popular talk of women rights and freedom in the society does help women in certain degree to develop a sense of control and success in recent years, the topics of sex and relationships remain controversial and shameful to talk about. In â€Å"Selections from Hard to Get: Twenty-something Women and the Paradox of Sexual Freedom†, Leslie Bell discovers in her experiments and interviews that despite the choices of freedom and exploration modern women have, they are even more confused than before withRead MoreThe Effects Of Modern Media On Us1046 Words   |  5 PagesEverything in our society impacts us in one way or another; these influences can either be positive or negative. For example, when we see something good happen to others around us we tend to be in a happier mood and when something tragic happens to our country, such as what happened in 9/11, we can’t help but mourn. We never notice how the small things in life could influence us in big ways. We never would notice that things like modern media, such as television, ads, and the internet would impactRead MoreThe Influence of Essentialst Attitudes Portrayed in the Modern Day Sitcom on the Views and Beliefs of Modern Society.1001 Words   |  5 Pages* The Influence of Essentialst Attitudes Portrayed in the Modern Day Sitcom on the Views and Beliefs of Modern Society. Throughout its long history, the sitcom has been commonly understood to define the cultural norms of modern society through such comedy techniques as satire and irony. Like modern society, certain characteristics of the sitcom have evolved over time, while others have remained consistent. The evolution of the sitcom coincides with the generational shift in attitudes of societyRead MoreAnalysis Of Ray Bradbury s Fahrenheit 451 1222 Words   |  5 Pagesnovels that were read this quarter related the most to modern American society? The first novel that was read this quarter was Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, and this novel was about a dystopian society and the importance of reading. The next book that was read was Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World and this novel was about a society where production is the first priority. Then the last novel read was 1984 by George Orwell, this novel was about a society where the Government ran everything and desired completeRead MoreBenchmark ing1075 Words   |  5 Pagesthat convey information and meaning * is made up of the products a society makes and the processes that create those products * can be defined as the symbols of expression that groups and societies use to make sense of daily life and to articulate their values * Mass media – the cultural industries and channels of communication – can then be seen as the distributors of culture. * the history of mass media can be traced through five main eras: * oral * written

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Physical Layout of the Courtroom Sample for Students-MyAssignment

Questions: 1.Which Court did you attend?2.What were the Charges against the Defendant?3.Identify who was Present in the Courtroom4.Briefly, Describe the Physical layout of the Courtroom.5.Describe the Courtroom Procedures6.What was the Most Interesting thing you Observed during your visit?7.Define the Concepts of due Process and the Rule of Law. Answers: 1.I attended Brisbane court of Australia on 7th April 2017 because it has a trial session which perfectly fits my free time. I like to attend mental I'll court as it has a trail session which interests me a lot. There are cases of patients which are very new and intense and it attracts me to a great extent. The hearing occurred in room number 16 at 12:05 as the trial session began and the defendant Rafael john a 19-year-old boy of Australia is charged with cases of violence and property damage ("Case Type Master Report", 2017). The court of Australia is based according to the Queensland constitution system where the court judge takes a decision by constant research and evaluating results from the reports. Rafael john being charged for criminal offenses was called in court as he fought with the public for 4 consecutive years including damages of cars was started mentally ill as he has tolerated a lot during his school days which really scattered his mental equilibrium and he became ou t of the sink. 2.The defendant Rafael john of Australia is charged with doing criminal activities and contributing violence towards the community this has led to numerous loss to public and property. Rafael john on 2013 was caught by police for fighting and violating rules then in 2014 he was caught by police for damaging property of public (car), later in 2015 and 2017 he was again caught and charged for violence and fight which created hustle and bustle among the public making a tough situation. These situations were really offensive as the people being victimized were innocent because they weren't aware of the fact that Rafael was mentally sick. He had been committing violence and misbehavior since 5 years in Australia and causing the environment scenario ("Federal Courts What They Do", 2017). These offenses were really unacceptable by anyone as being caught by the public for 5 consecutive years and damaging cars were something very annoying to the general public who needed justice towards this but court being very diligent succeeded to bring out the facts of Rafael being psychologically ill. The best part was that Rafael was sent to a psychiatrist for treatment so that he do not again get into drugs and alcohol. This was a great decision by the court as the solution was being taken out rather than sending him to prison which could have made his mental condition even worse. 3.The Brisbane courtroom of people with mental cases who has problems mentally or psychologically was solved in this room where several people were present the court judge, the defendant Rafael john, doctor/psychiatrist khan, audience and I was present who witnessed the decision and preceding of the case (Richardson, 2017). The court judge played a significant role in deciding and bringing out an effective solution to solve the problems which Rafael john created since 5 years from 2013 to 2017 which has also scattered the havoc of Australia in many ways. The court judge carefully and calmly understood Rafael's problems according to his age and generation. As Rafael did damages and violence due to intoxication, drugs, etc. so the judge after evaluating the results of the doctor's reports and consulting with the teachers of his previous school and finding the problems the judge gave out their decisions, therefore, the court judge took great decisions by making his mental status stable and giving him a chance. On the other hand, Rafael's presence and his case gave a good lesson to everyone present in the court as his case has something which talked about drug addiction and its circumstances which are bad ("Queen Elizabeth II Courts of Law Brisbane", 2015). 4.The court is situated in Brisbane Australia and the constitution works under Queensland constitution system. The physical condition of the place was very nicely designed and people were really understanding who made out solutions to all the difficulties and problems of Rafael. The lawyers were very smart and efficient to bring out the results by doing Rafael's medical checkup or taking feedback from his school were really helpful in proving Rafael indirectly culprit due to his unintentional deeds ("A Short Guide to Courtrooms", 2017). The psychiatrist was very kind and helpful as they took the responsibility to take care of Rafael and do his mental checkup and treatment so that he could become good again. The accused Rafael was very guilty of his carelessness and mistakes which really made the people sad and angry as violence is really unacceptable but under his case and taking his circumstances into consideration he was started to go for treatment to avoid intoxication, alcohol, d rugs, and etc. The physical conditions of the court room added a lot to the case of Rafael because Queensland constitution system is very different than any other systems of Australia but here in Queensland looking at the cases and giving out decisions are very important as it's their responsibility to give a fair decision ("Roles of Courtroom Participants", 2011). 5.I feel the most important aspect of the courtroom was the trail session which was something essential to watch and understand. So as soon as the courtroom proceeded with the case it witnessed a share silence at the starting because people were shocked and took time to digest the case as a boy named Rafael who is just 19 years old gets into drugs and alcohol intake and creating social as well as mental problems which weren't acceptable at all (DINSMORE, 2017). The evidence was given by the victims along with the lawyers who kept on giving reports and the damages which Rafael did in past years. The preceding were very tricky and logical to understand because cases like these are very carefully and minutely judges taking everything into in mind the defendant's mentality, his past experiences, etc. The procedures were very simple of the courtroom but each procedure had meaning and rules which cannot be broken. These rules were very necessary to be followed to sit in the courtroom (IMME RGUT, 2007). 6.The most interesting thing about the court visit in the case of Rafael was when the school teachers send a report saying that he was also bullied and ragged in his school days which broke him into pieces and made his lose his self-confidence and esteem. He became a guy with no guts to fight back but instead when the bad time scores and the paths become narrower than and as narrow as he chose drugs and alcohol to fight his weakness and take revenge from the common public which wasn't at all good. The court judges and team jury members really understood his problems and gave him a solution so that what wrong things happened to him in past should not affect him in present. As we all know student bullying and ragging is ban and anyone doing so is illegal so the court understood that it wasn't his fault what happened to him in his school as he was very small that time. When one after another witness came with evidence and reports along them to prove Rafael's guilty was most interesting to see how he faced this tough situation and people were happy to see him accept his faults and decision to leave all his bad habits and become a gentleman in coming days were the highlight and most interesting part of the case visit. It was even more interesting when after evidence were given to judge and then judge reads it out and ask counter questions that moment makes everyone spell bound and we get goosebumps which were very critical situation I suppose. 7.The court of Queensland constitution system Brisbane Australia has a good rule of law which is trial session it gives a small go through practice and makes everything work under more professionalism these sessions happen before the final session of the court, when it comes to mental illness and a case related to it then constant research and practice is required to counter answer or attack the opponent is necessary. In the case of Rafael, the evidence and reports provided were true and honest which was followed by the rule of law of the court (Waldron, 2010). The court also has a rule that they cannot put an innocent person into prison similarly Rafael being not innocent as he committed crime by creating violence and damages to properties unintentional because his mentally sick and needs treatment so he can become a better person in future and support his family being so young he has all his life left which he really needed to become a good person with golden heart, but he needs to quit drinking and taking drugs which play an integral part in making him a good person. The best part was when Rafael himself accepted his mistakes then decided and agreed to overcome his fears and problems by going to a psychiatrist for treatment so that he becomes back to normal (Waldron, 2010). References A Short Guide to Courtrooms. (2017).About Courtroom. Retrieved from Case Type Master Report. (2017).High Court Gov. Retrieved from DINSMORE, M. (2017). TRIAL PRACTICE AND COURTROOM PROCEDURES.MAGISTRATE JUDGE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF INDIANA. Retrieved from Federal Courts What They Do. (2017).US Courts. Retrieved from IMMERGUT, K. (2007). MULTNOMAH COUNTY CIRCUIT COURT.COURTROOM PROCEDURES. Retrieved from Queen Elizabeth II Courts of Law Brisbane. (2015).Aurecon. Retrieved from Richardson, C. (2017). Symbolism in the Courtroom.Brisbane Courtroom. Retrieved from Roles of Courtroom Participants. (2011).Public, Safety, Correction Security. Retrieved from Waldron, J. (2010). The Rule of Law and the Importance of Procedure.NELLCO Legal Scholarship Repository. Retrieved from